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CB3's Studio & Gaming

We are a full service painting studio specializing in wargaming and miniature board games.  What makes us unique is we also stock our games to be your one stop shop!  We also accept commission work if you already own your models and need them painted.  You can browse our selection of games and order ANY models to be painted by us, we also stock a growing selection of your favorite models prepainted just "grab n' go!"   Feel free to reach us by chat if you have any questions.  We look forward to working with you, Cheers!


Our Anniversary

Celebration Sale

35% off select Star Wars Legion models, while supplies last

Working with CB3's

We are a paint studio with a retail store.  Shop our games, choose your paint options and we'll send you your models fully painted.  It's just that easy.  Already own your models and just need the paint of coat?  No problem, fill out our commission request form and we'll make that grey army shine on the tabletop!

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