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Vibranium Heist is the second Organized Play content we’ve produced for Marvel: Crisis Protocol, the first being our Crisis Day event. The structure of Organized Play is similar to one of the Ultimate Encounters, but rather than pitting multiple teams against a Cosmic Threat, two forces clash over a set objective. In this case, Erik Killmonger and his team clash with defenders trying to protect a precious vault of Wakandan vibranium!


Killmonger has learned of a large stockpile of vibranium hidden deep within Wakanda and assembled an elite team to secure it. The defenders have accepted a contract to protect this facility—and their reputations are on the line!

Unlike a normal game of Crisis Protocol, not every character starts the game on the table. The defenders move in smaller patrols through the vibranium facility, represented by starting the game with a small portion of their total Threat value of characters in play. When Killmonger attacks, these defenders need to scramble to sound the alarms scattered through the facility to alert their companions and bring them into play.

Security consoles are a key strategic asset for both sides in Vibranium Heist. Killmonger’s team needs to hack the consoles in order to bypass the security of the vault doors to access the vibranium within, while the defenders must rely on using the security consoles to defeat their more numerous foes. Through them, the defenders can summon new characters to the battle, activate suppression protocols to impede anyone near the vault…or cause an automated defense system to come online and blast one of their opponents!


One of the most exciting inclusions in Vibranium Heist is the all-new Killmonger stat card. Representing him at the height of his tactical genius and ambition, the attacker gets access to Erik Killmonger, Chosen of K’liluna. This version of Killmonger is a powerful leader who supports his team in their attack, designed specifically for use in the Vibranium Heist event.

Now, it wouldn’t be an Atomic Mass Games Organized Play event without some sweet prize support. Players who participate can get their hands on new promotional versions of the Wakanda Forever, Usurp the Throne, and Recalibration Team Tactic cards. Players earn additional prizes by playing more games and bringing fully painted squads to the event. So, gather your squad, put some color on them, and get out there to play Vibranium Heist!

The Marvel: Crisis Protocol Vibranium Heist OP Kit will be available for retailers to order soon!

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Vibranium Heist OP Kit


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