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Kickstarter Exclusive Marvel Zombies Galactus the Devourer Board Game Expansion by CMON. Includes 1 giant Galactus miniature with interchangeable head and right arm, 2 Character pieces, 1 Double sided Galactus Dashboard, 17 Galactus cards, 17 Zombie Galactus cards, 12 Lost Tech cards, 12 Power Cosmic cards, 8 Silver Surfer cards, 8 Zombie Silver Surfer cards, and 6 tokens. Not a complete game. Requires Marvel Zombies to play (sold separately). Please note: unless otherwise stated paid add ons from the Kickstarter Campaign are not included.

Take on Galactus in unique scenarios as he destroys the map. Stop him before there’s nothing left... or devour him as a zombie and gain his might! Heroes will need to climb onto Galactus, huge world eating machine and fight through his defenses, gradually weakening him until he can be stopped (or devoured)! Playable in both Hero Mode and Zombie Mode, with unique features in both of them.

Marvel Zombies Galactus The Devourer Expansion


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